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All About Evie

All About Evie


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Description for ALL ABOUT EVIE by Beth Ciotta:

CASTING CALL NOTICE: Seeking actress for role of ditzy former Vegas showgirl Sugar Dupont. Must possess strong vocals, outgoing personality and great gazongas.

Well, two out of three ain't bad. A showbiz veteran, Evie Parish knows she has the chops to sing and dance with the best. A Wonderbra should take care of the rest.

YOUR SCENE PARTNER: Arch, aka Charles Dupont, a doting older husband.

THE GIG: Eight days of smooching, fawning and otherwise making a PDA spectacle of yourselves on a Caribbean cruise.

AND...THE CATCH: Arch is one of a team of former con men staging a sting to catch a grifter--and, under his stage makeup, he's the sexiest hunk ever to don a fake mustache....

This will either be the roll of a lifetime or the end of her career!

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