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All Hallows' Evil

All Hallows' Evil


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Description for ALL HALLOWS' EVIL by Valerie Wolzien:

At first Susan Henshaw thought the body in the library was a Halloween trick....

Until she saw the blood and heard the man's dying gasp. Then a second body--celebrity morning talk-show host Jason Armstrong--was found stabbed on his front porch. Clearly somebody's idea of trick or treat had turned deadly.

Rebecca Armstrong, Jason's wife and cohost, accepted Susan's neighborly hospitality and moved into her guest room--along with press agents, reporters, adoring fans, and incessant demands. Between baking muffins and doling out clean towels, Susan did some sleuthing on her own, and she discovered not only that her famous houseguest had a nasty reputation for losing lovers under suspicious circumstances, but that there was a goody bag of dirty secrets among Hancock's citizens. Secrets that a killer would go to any lengths to keep hidden...

This is #4 in A Susan Henshaw Mystery series.

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