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All That Glitters

All That Glitters


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Description for ALL THAT GLITTERS by Kristine Rolofson:


Alexander Leeds liked his women tall, brunette and unattached. But the marketing whiz had to reassess his game plan when he became involved with petite, blond and beautiful Olivia Bennett and her fledgling jewelry business. Alex couldn't wait to get her out of the boardroom and into the bedroom--until he learned the company's board of directors consisted of her three children?

Olivia hadn't looked anything like a mother--but now that Alex knew, he'd steer clear. So why was he hosting a birthday party of nine-year-old girls, teaching car mechanics to one son and arguing marketing points with the other? Sure, Glitter Girl earring kits were worth their weight in gold, but a relationship with Olivia came at too high a price. Didn't it?

Harlequin Family #45 reissue, October, 1999.

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