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Almost A Lady

Almost A Lady


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Description for ALMOST A LADY by Heidi Betts:

She Was No Lady

Pistol-packing Pinkerton agent Willow Hastings always got her man. Until handsome, arrogant railroad security chief Brandt Donovan "gallantly" interfered in an arrest, costing Willow a collar and jeopardizing her job. And now she was supposed to collaborate with the dashing, distracting bachelor to catch a killer? Never!

But He Was No Gentleman

Brandt was shocked yet intrigued by this curvy, contrary, weapon-wielding brunette. Willow's sultry voice, silken skin, and subtle scent of roses make him ache to savor her between the sheets. But go undercover with the perplexing Pinkerton? Chastely pose as man and wife to entrap a killer? Such unthinkable celibacy could drive a bachelor to madness. Or to -- shudder! -- matrimony ...

This is #3 in The Rose Trilogy.

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