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Ambush At Osirak

Ambush At Osirak


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Description for AMBUSH AT OSIRAK by Herbert Crowder:

We have a crisis...were the President's words to agent David Llewellyn, on his assignment as special envoy to Jerusalem. His mission: to plug a security leak at the American Embassy. A standard operation-except for three very important, and shocking, complications... Israeli Forces are prepared to launch a devastating air strike on the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor at Osirak. The Iraqis are fully aware of the oncoming attack. And the Soviets have supplied them with the ultimate superweapon-the perfect means to wage a nuclear war. Ambush at Osirak fast-paced, gripping and chillingly authentic, Herbert Crowder's dramatic new thriller takes you straight into the fiery heart of the Middle East. Where bitter enemies wield state-of-the-art instruments of destruction. Where America faces an impossible choice-with the consequences of nuclear disaster. And where counterspy David Llewellyn takes on the most harrowing challenge of his career...

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