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American Paradise

American Paradise

Author: Ryder Stacy

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 251

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Description for AMERICAN PARADISE by Ryder Stacy:


A surprise Russian thermonuclear first strike nearly a century earlier had transformed the United States into a decimated wasteland, its people enslaved by rampaging hordes of brutal Soviet invaders.  But one man has refused to allow the flames of freedom to flicker out.  The ultimate champion of a lost democracy, he is Ted Rockson---the Doomsday Warrior!

From the ruined California coast, Rockson and his Freefighters set sail for a remote Pacific island.  Rumor has it that the primitive inhabitants worship strange and deadly idol---a gargantuan instrument of destruction stretching 150 stories into the sky.  But, now the terrifying weapon is in the clutches of a crazed Soviet officer intent on utilizing it to destroy forever the valiant struggle for American's freedom.

Marked for ritual sacrifice by the superstitious islanders, the "Rock Team" must wrest control of the doomsday device from the hands of a bloodthirsty maniac.  For if its awesome power is unleashed, the last hope for a reborn America will be trampled into the radioactive dust!

This is #13 in Doomsday Warrior Series.

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