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Aphrodite's Kiss

Aphrodite's Kiss


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Description for APHRODITE'S KISS by Julie Kenner:

She Could See Right Through Him

Zoe Smith was far from normal. Crazy as it sounded, on her twenty-fifth birthday Zoe Smith had a chance to become a superhero. But X-ray vision and the ability to fly were only two things to consider. There were other factors, too...There was her newfound heightened sensitivity. She could hardly eat a chocolate bar without convulsing in ecstasy; how was she to give herself the birthday gift she'd really set her heart on-George Taylor? The handsome P.I.'s dark exterior hid a truly sweet center, and Zoe felt certain that his mere touch would send her spiraling into oblivion. But the man was looking for an average Jane-no matter what he claimed. He could never love a superhero-to-be, especially one with an overprotective stallion of a brother. Could he? Zoe has to know. With her super powers, Zoe could only see through his clothing-to strip bare the working of his heart, she'd have to rely on something a little more potent.

This is #1 in Protector series.

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