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Apocalypse Code

Apocalypse Code


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Description for APOCALYPSE CODE by Hal Lindsey:

How near is the apocalypse, as predicted in the book of "Revelation"? And is there any way we can escape this terrible time of destruction and death?

In this riveting book, Hal Lindsey, the father of modern-day Bible prophecy, cracks the "Apocalypse Code" and reveals for the first time long-hidden messages about the fate of the Earth and our future---and what we can do about it!

According to Lindsey, all the signs for the apocalypse are in place---an increase in the frequency of wars and earthquakes, the deadly plague of AIDS, famines, changing global weather patterns, among many others.

But how could John, who wrote "Revelation" in the "1st century", see what was going to happen in the "21st century"? Lindsey believes that God gave him a special insight into how the prophecies were coded so that they could be fully understood "only when their fulfillment drew near".

How can we best prepare ourselves and our families to recognize the signs of "the end of the age"? Faith is the key: believing God's promise that by faith---despite our emotions, feelings or circumstances---we will understand things to come and we will overcome the world.

So get ready for a grand adventure as you unlock the secrets and prophecies hidden in "Revelation".

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