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Author: Robin St Thomas

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 510

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Description for APPEARANCES by Robin St Thomas:

Rachel Allenby had a song in her heart and little money in her pocket when she arrived in New York City as a finalist in the "new Stars Auditions" contest.  Beautiful, bright-eyed and eager, Rachel was willing to do anything for a part in a Broadway show.  She knew that her singing voice was good enough to get her to the top; but her sheer talent wasn't going to be enough.  She needed an edge, a hook, a strong man behind her who would push her to the top...

JAMIE:  Like Prince Charming, he held the glass slipper, looking for the right person to love.  But could he sacrifice all that was important to him to help Rachel?

LEHMAN:  All powerful, all knowing.  Would he use his influence to Rachel's advantage, or would their association be one of total pain?

HOWARD:  He had the money to make her a star, but could Rachel pay his price with her passion?

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