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Armageddon, Oil And The Middle East Crisis

Armageddon, Oil And The Middle East Crisis


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Description for ARMAGEDDON, OIL AND THE MIDDLE EAST CRISIS by John F Walvoord:

This book links biblical prophecy and the current crisis in the Middle East in order to determine what the Bible has to say about the Middle East turmoil and the destinies of nations, peoples, and individuals. The high value placed on oil and the resulting oil politics and armed aggression to control that oil means that the Middle East is likely to become the centre of world activity and interest as the Bible claims it will be. The author argues that as a new centre of world government and interest, the Middle East and its native Arab judgements will precipitate a world war. "Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis" argues that the military struggle in the Gulf focuses attention away from Korea, Vietnam and the battlefields of Europe and towards the Middle East as prophesied in the Bible. The author cites power shifts in the East and West as evidence of this occurance. Rapid changes in Europe and the easing of tensions have paved the way for a United States of Europe, a prophesised revival of the Roman Empire. Russia's weakened grip on the world and the staggering US national debt mean realignment of power for the two super-nations. The world now looks at the Third World, especially where nations contest the world's greatest oil reserves. Dr Walvoord is the author of a total of 27 books.

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