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Arms And The Women

Arms And The Women


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Description for ARMS AND THE WOMEN by Reginald Hill:

A smartly dressed couple, looking entirely middle-class, has tried to abduct the wife of Chief Inspector Peter Pascoe. Not a woman to go gently into strange BMWs, Ellie Pascoe escapes. But the subsequent assault on a British matron close to the Pascoe home convinces Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel to look for criminals with a grudge against Peter. It's a logical response, but dead wrong.

Soon Ellie's past as an activist comes under scrutiny--by more than the Yorkshire coppers. Sitting before a computer in Britain's intelligence agency is someone with chilling information about her. And sent away for safekeeping, Ellie and her daughter, shepherded by Detective Shirley Novello, will find that a decaying seacoast mansion is no refuge. It's the eye of the storm, where the truth will finally come out . . . and a terrifying fight for their lives will begin.

This is #19 in a Dalziel/Pascoe Novel.

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