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At Ease With The Dead

At Ease With The Dead


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Description for AT EASE WITH THE DEAD by Walter Satterthwait:

Santa Fe private investigator Joshua Croft is hired to find the lost remains of a Navajo leader and return them to their proper burial site. The bones disappeared over sixty years ago under bizarre circumstance, which, in turn, led to a murder that remains very much on somebody's mind.

Croft hits pay dirt when he talks to El Paso's local historian - and revives a sinister mystery complete with greed, adultery and ruthless ambition. A cold trail is turning warm. then some goons in stocking masks attempt to discourage Croft from any more digging.

But Croft, a graduate of the school of hard knocks, gives as good as he gets. After a second murder, then a third, a dead man's trail becomes bloodred hot - and Croft stands to be the next one to burn.

This is #2 in A Joshua Croft Mystery.

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