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At Large

At Large


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Description for AT LARGE by Lynne Murray:

Seattle's plus-sized investigator Josephine Fuller, who's over 200 pounds and damn proud of it, is working undercover at a women's skills center when she spots an old acquaintance, Teddy Etheridge. Jo last saw Teddy in Kathmandu when her photographer husband ran off with his mountain-climbing wife, leaving the spouses to commiserate. But Teddy has a new problem: his latest girlfriend's missing, and he's traced her to the skills center. Jo agrees to track her down, and the trail leads straight to his estranged wife ... lying dead, murdered with a climbing ax. Worse, the major suspect is none other than Jo's ex-hubby, who wants Jo to forgive and forget. Add to that Jo's already muddled love life, an apartment filled with haunting memories, and suspects ranging from a lesbian vegetarian to a has-been actor. The total is one king-size case ... just the right proportions for a queen-sized sleuth ...

This is #3 in A Josephine Fuller Mystery.

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