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At Last

At Last


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Description for AT LAST by Barbara Bretton:

From the moment they met as children, there was something special between Noah Chase and Gracie Taylor, something that grew and matured right along with them. Despite Gracie's troubled family -- and Noah's cold, distant one -- they managed to make each other laugh, and keep each other's dreams alive...

But Noah's father already had plans for his golden boy's future -- plans that did not include the likes of poor, ordinary Gracie Taylor. And when he succeeded in tearing them apart -- on the night before their wedding -- it seemed those childhood dreams and teenage passions had been crushed by more grown-up things, like sorrows and secrets and lies...

Now, Gracie has returned to Idle Point, Maine -- and so has Noah. Over the years, they've wondered if those dreams were just delusions, or if a love like theirs could ever happen again. Maybe they'll find out at last...

This is #1 in Idle Point, Maine Series.

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