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Atlantis Gate

Atlantis Gate


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Description for ATLANTIS GATE by Greg Donegan:

They have invaded before. Ten centuries ago when they destroyed Atlantis and left a civilization in ruins.

The Shadow triumphed to wreak havoc in our world. In the Bermuda Triangle. In the Devil's Sea. In a mysterious region of Cambodia.

Now, man's most ancient enemy is back.

It begins with ex-Green Beret Eric Dane's cataclysmic dream -- of the earth engulfed in fire more than a quarter of a century ago. Is it a warning of things to come? Or a vision of what once was? But if the world's end came in 1962, then where in the world are we today? Now Dane and his team must find the answers before mankind becomes history. The challenge to confront the unstoppable enemy lies inside the walls of fire -- and it's fast laying waste to the globe with the dark forces of total annihilation.

This is #4 in Atlantis Series.

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