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Attack On The Queen

Attack On The Queen


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Description for ATTACK ON THE QUEEN by Richard P Henrick:

It is the dawn of a new era of global cooperation. For the first time ever, the Premier of the People's Republic of China is joining the U.S. President and the world's top leaders for the G-7 summit aboard the majestic ocean liner the Queen Elizabeth 2. But there are some who view the historic meeting as an unforgiveable betrayal. While the summit is in progress, fanatics led by a brilliant madman in possession of a stolen nuclear sub strike swiftly and effectively, taking control of the great ship and holding the most powerful leaders on Earth hostage. Now two brothers--operative for separate U.S. government agencies--must stop the nuclear clock and rescue the future of civilization from the claws of unreasoning terror. Because failure to do so will mean one thing: Armageddon!

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