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Aunt Dimity: Detective

Aunt Dimity: Detective


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Description for AUNT DIMITY: DETECTIVE by Nancy Atherton:

There's been a murder in Finch!

When Lori Shepherd returns from her trip to America, she is shocked to hear that Prunella "Pruneface" Hooper has been killed. This is the first murder in the idyllic village of Finch in more than a century, and everyone is in an uproar. Before the town implodes in the wake of this scandal, Lori sets out to solve the murder.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Hooper was sneakily flooding the town with gossip, rumors, and back-stabbing bits to the point where nearly everyone in Finch had a reason to want her dead. With the help of the ghostly Aunt Dimity and Nicholas, the enigmatic (and charming!) self-defense instructor, Lori aligns motive, means, and opportunity to unravel this delightfully tangled and gossip-filled whodunnit.

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