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Aunt Dimity Digs In

Aunt Dimity Digs In


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Description for AUNT DIMITY DIGS IN by Nancy Atherton:

Aunt Dimity unearths the sinister secrets of the idyllic town of Finch

Lori Shepherd is up to her elbows in pureed carrots and formula bottles for her three-month-old twins. When a beautiful nanny arrives to lend a hand, it's not a moment too soon for Lori-or the nearby village of Finch. A local civil war is brewing over visiting archaeologist Adrian Culver's excavation, and it seems that Lori--with the help of the ghostly Aunt Dimity--is just the one to settle the dispute.

As Lori hunts for the missing document that could prove the site is a fake, both she and the archaeologist dig up more than just artifacts. Secrets long submerged in Finch's past threaten to divide the village and destroy the delicate romance blossoming between Lori's nanny extraordinaire and Adrian Culver, and it will take all of Dimity's otherworldly powers to restore tranquility to the sleepy little town.

This is #4 in Aunt Dimity Series.

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