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Baby, Baby

Baby, Baby


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Description for BABY, BABY by Liz Nickles:

Kate Harrison-Weil had taken more than one juicy bite out of the Big Apple, and New York City was hers. The petite blond creator of a fabulously successful magazine thrived on the glamorous executive blur that was her life, cherishing the rare private moments with Matt--internationally renowned doctor and her loving husband. Now, at thirty-nine, Kate is ready to be a mother, to balance a breakfast plate on her stomach and watch the baby growing inside her kick it off.

All she has to do is conceive.

But romance evaporates with the never-ending high-tech routine of calendars, thermometers, sex on schedule: all these wondrous medical marvels take their toll on Kate and Matt. Under the strain, they separate, And Kate discovers that she's pregnant. Soon she's busy fending off corporate chauvinists, huffing up the stairs to her new apartment, and enjoying the novelty of pregnant dating with a bighearted sportscaster, Larry. As promised, Larry shows up at her first Lamaze class. But so does her husband Matt....

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