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Battle Born

Battle Born


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Description for BATTLE BORN by Dale Brown:

Patrick McLanahan is back--and this time he faces his most difficult challenge. He must pull together a team of aggressive, maverick young pilots to face a world on the brink of massive nuclear conflict. It begins with a joint U.S.--Japanese--South Korean mock bombing raid. But the South Korean fighter pilots don't stick to the script. Instead they race across the border into North Korea to support a massive people's revolt against the Communists.

Virtually overnight the fledgling United Korea is the world's newest nuclear power, igniting a fuse that threatens to blow Asia apart and trigger World War Ill. Only McLanahan has the top-secret aviation technology and the brash young heroes to stop the coming inferno--if he can get them to quit fighting each other and start fighting as a team before the world is reduced to cinders!

This is #12 in AirBattleForce Series.

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