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Beauty And The Bounty

Beauty And The Bounty


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Description for BEAUTY AND THE BOUNTY by Robert J Randisi:

He almost paid the ultimate price for a crime he didn't commit. Now Decker is determined to track down others wanted by the law. He'll make sure the innocent have nothing to fear. But the guilty won't stand a chance against THE BOUNTY HUNTER

Decker is known for getting his man. But this time his quarry is a woman--a beautiful con artist who's left a long trail of men with their pants down and their wallets empty. And now she's started to hit banks along the California coast. When Decker gets to San Francisco, suddenly there's a lot more than a bounty on his mind. A missing woman, a deadly blackmail scheme and a crime of passion all distract him from the trail of the elusive robber who might just be the one to ruin his perfect record.

This is #3 in The Bounty Hunter Series.

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