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Behave Yourself!

Behave Yourself!


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Description for BEHAVE YOURSELF!: THE WORKING GUIDE TO BUSINESS ETIQUETTE by Elena Jankowic with Sandra Bernstein:

*Do you ever forget clients' names, or spell them incorrectly on business correspondence?

*Have you ever arrived just a little bit late for a meeting?

*Do you use your dessert spoon for your coffee?

*Should you discuss business during lunch in Greece? Are you aware of variations in protocol from country to country?

*Do you always tell your secretary where you are going, and how long you will be gone?

*Do you ever ignore messages or neglect to return calls?

Be informed! BEHAVE YOURSELF show you how to act in every business-related situation. From Cocktail parties to employment interviews to business meals in Japan, this easy-to-read guide teaches you all the skills needed to project the competent, professional image that can help ou climb the corporate ladder.

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