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Beneath The Silent Sea

Beneath The Silent Sea


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Description for BENEATH THE SILENT SEA by Richard P Henrick:

Beneath the waves, three great superpowers clash in the first battle of the final war! The Red Dragon: Under the command of fanatical Maoist madmen, Communist China's most advanced ballistic missile-carrying submarine embarks on the most sinister mission in human history: to attack the U.S. and the Soviet Union simultaneously and ignite the devastating fires of World War Three!

The U.S.S. Copperhead: America's awesome nuclear powered assult sub is humanity's last hope for survival. For Captain Samuel Fuller and his crew, the choice is clear: seek out and destroy the fearsome Red Chinese aggressor - or witness the explosive end of all civilization!

The Baikal: Waiting in silent ambush off the Alaskan coast, Russia's fiercest amphibious war vessel prepares for combat with an unsuspecting American enemy. But the torpedo meant to sink the Copperhead could unwittingly aid in bringing about mankind's destruction as well!

In the perilous ocean depths, three undersea titans race frantically towards a head-on collision with doomsday - as the ultimate thermonuclear endgame is about to be played for the highest stakes of all...

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