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Beyond Varallan

Beyond Varallan


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Description for BEYOND VARALLAN by S L Viehl:


Dr. Cherijo Grey Veil Torin has had a bad year. With her identity as a genetically enhanced clone revealed, the Allied League of Worlds has declared her a non-sentient and demanded her return to Earth--where she will be handed over to her creator and treated as nothing more than a lab animal.

Still reeling from the death of her husband, Cherijo knows only that she must stay free. So when her husband's extended clan, alien warriors who refuse to kowtow to the League, offers her a place aboard their ship, the Sunlace, she accepts it with gratitude.

As the protegee to their Senior Healer, Cherijo finds a place to belong and a sense of freedom she never knew existed. But just when she is beginning to feel safe, a series of deadly accidents rocks the Sunlace--and places Cherijo and her newfound family in terrible danger...

Danger that may be directly linked to Cherijo herself.

This is #2 in Stardoc Series.

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