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Big Sky Baby

Big Sky Baby


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Description for BIG SKY BABY by Judy Duarte:


After five years, Jeff Forsythe was finally back in Rumor, Montana -- just when Jilly Davis needed him most. But she had no intention of clipping the wings of the footloose pilot just because she was having a baby. Even if her childhood pal was arousing feelings that had nothing to do with friendship....

Freedom at all costs -- those were the rules Jeff lived by. Until he came home to find his best buddy all grown up, pregnant -- and sexier than he'd ever remembered. Suddenly this irresistible mom-to-be tempted him to trim his wings and put down roots in Rumor. Wasn't that what friends were for?

MONTANA MAVERICKS: THE Kingsleys: nothing is as it seems beneath the big skies of Montana.

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