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Billy Bob Walker Got Married

Billy Bob Walker Got Married


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Description for BILLY BOB WALKER GOT MARRIED by Lisa G Brown:


Shiloh Pennington knows that Billy Bob Walker is no good. The whole town knows it. Just one look at his insolent walk and smoothly rippling muscles tells you he's nothing but trouble. So why, four years after her father broke them up, does Shiloh still feel a shiver at the sound of his voice, still yearn for the gentleness of his work-hardened hand on her cheek?

Shiloh's father has decided that Billy's half-brother, Michael, is more appropriate match for the daughter of the richest man in town than some brawling, womanizing heartbreaker. But how can Shiloh ignore the fire that courses in her veins at the merest thought of Billy's long-ago kisses? Only one thing is clear: she can stay forever Daddy's little girl, or face the future as Billy Bob Walker's woman.

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