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Birdbaths And Paper Cranes

Birdbaths And Paper Cranes


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Description for BIRDBATHS AND PAPER CRANES by Sharon Randall:

Stories, that inspire, bring tears, bring joy. Stories about the ordinary things that touch our lives. This is the gift that master storyteller Sharon Randall shares with us in BIRDBATHS AND PAPER CRANES, a new collection of her most memorable essays.

Randall's writing style is unmistakably authentic, and her love of the craft is obvious. Among the many poignant topics she tells us about are her sightless brother's first attempt at driving a car and her husband's courageous battle with a deadly disease. In Randall's hands, even a simple story about a birdbath has meaning. You will laugh and cry, sympathize and empathize. And when you are finished with BIRDBATHS AND PAPER CRANES you will look at life in a different way---a better way.

And you will be grateful for it.

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