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Blackhawk Legacy

Blackhawk Legacy


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Description for BLACKHAWK LEGACY by Barbara McCauley:

Born to a father who had betrayed his own family and a mother who lived in denial, Dillon Blackhawk had vowed never to return to Wolf River, Texas, the home of all his heartache. Then a new heartbreaker entered his carefully secluded life, a woman who yearned to right past wrongs, a woman who had something Dillon desperately needed: answers to a legacy of lies.

Leaving her safe and secure world behind her, Rebecca Blake was on a mission to uncover long-hidden secrets. But in locating Dillon Blackhawk, she had also unlocked her own long-denied desires. Getting the loner to return home was only half her battle. For Rebecca knew that giving in to Dillon's allure would leave her a victim to a heartache of her own.

This is #12 in Secrets! Series.

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