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Bless This House

Bless This House


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Description for BLESS THIS HOUSE by Anita Bryant:

Is family living an old-fashioned idea? Why do we need the institution of marriage? how much freedom should women have? Does the man have to be head of the household? Should children be disciplined?

Anita Bryant, husband Bob Green, and children Bobby Jr., Gloria Lynn, and twins Barbara and Billy are a shining testimony to the fact that the Christian family is alive and well and successfully coping with problems and questions by returning to the fundamental truths of the Bible. In Anita's own words: "The Bible teaches us how to love and discipline a child, guides us as husband to wife, wife to husband, and as to correction, reproof and instruction. Anything we need can be found in the Bible."

In BLESS THIS HOUSE Anita and Bob relate some fo the problems they have had within themselves, with each other, with their children and with business dealings. In every case a solution has been found by turning the problem over to Jesus Christ and then patiently waiting for Him to take over and make the necessary changes. Every member of the Green family frequently visits the family altar to pray about big problems as well as small everyday annoyances. Very often God has abundantly provided for them even in areas which they hadn't even thought or prayed about before! For all these blessings they are exceedingly grateful!

BLESS THIS HOUSE is filled with interesting and amusing anecdotes about Anita and her family, but more importantly it is filled with the truths they have found and pass on to those who seek to build a Christian home. Anita and Bob give Christ all the credit for the family harmony and happiness they have found and they assure ever reader that these things can be theirs through the love of Christ.

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