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Blind Date

Blind Date


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Description for BLIND DATE by Cheryl Anne Porter:

They got naked together...

The first time Joe Rossi met Meg Kendall, they were both half-naked in the men's fitting rooms. She'd been mortified...and he'd been turned on. He figures his chances of running into her again are nil...until he learns she's the blind date his uncle has set up for him. Here is his chance to get to know her better. And this time Joe hopes they'll end up totally naked together....

Then they had their first date

Meg can't believe her blind date is the gorgeous guy from the mall. How embarrassing! And yet, sort of thrilling, too! Meg has never been the daring type, but she's ready to turn over a new leaf. And when her date with Joe turns into a wild night of excitement and danger, Meg discovers a craving for adventure she hadn't known she possessed. And before long, she's ready to satisfy her craving for Joe, too....

Harlequin Temptation #1009, February, 2005.

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