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Blood To Blood

Blood To Blood


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Description for BLOOD TO BLOOD: THE DRACULA STORY CONTINUES by Elaine Bergstrom:

Dracula will hunt no more, but his legacy is shared by another--a sister, by birth and by blood...

After her second trip to Romania, Mina Harker returns to London--finally free of Lord Dracula's spell. Building a new life for herself, she must find a place for her unleashed desires in her marriage to her husband, Jonathan. But Jonathan's nightmares signal that another of the vampire kind, one who has tasted of his blood, still walks the earth--and is coming for him...

Sister to Lord Dracula, the half-mad Joanna Tepes turns her fiery green eyes toward the west. And when she claims London's nights as her own, Mina and Jonathan will learn the truth about evil--and which is more deadly: the dark hungers of the living or the bloodlust of the already dead...

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