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Blue Road To Atlantis

Blue Road To Atlantis


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Description for BLUE ROAD TO ATLANTIS by Jay Nussbaum:

In the tradition of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Ishmael comes a profound, inspirational retelling of Heming-ways Old Man and the Sea.Told from the perspective of a remora named Fishmael, who is traveling with his mentor, a wise and beautiful marlin known as the Old Fish, BLUE ROAD TO ATLANTIS intertwines a spiritual parable with Hemingways classic OLD MAN AND THE SEA. The result is a lighthearted yet moving allegory about leading a more fulfilling life. By setting forth the idea that the quest for a higher vision and the acceptance of lifes currents brings true peace and happiness, this contemporary tale becomes a profound meditation that is as entertaining as it is transformational.

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