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Body Wave

Body Wave


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Description for BODY WAVE by Nancy J Cohen:

Salon owner Marla Shore is pretty hard to shock, but she's truly stunned to learn that her hateful ex-husband, Stanley Kaufman, has been arrested for the murder of his third wife, Kimberly--and wants Marla to find the "real" killer. Stan's plenty of things, but he's no murderer. So who could have stabbed the beautiful young heiress and left her body lying at the foot of her stairs?

Marla soon finds herself going undercover at the exclusive compound of one of South Florida's most wealthy families--and quickly figures out that plenty of people had it in for the former Mrs. Stan Kaufman. Certainly Stan's most recent ex-wife Leah isn't shedding any tears over the woman who stole her husband. Kim also had run-ins with Uncle Morris, manager of the family's coffee-growing empire. Then there were her twisted ties to crazy-like-a-fox Aunt Florence, gospel-spouting televangelist Jeremiah Dooley, not-so-ex-boyfriend Gary Waterford, and Kim's dubious "best" friend, Lacey Mills. With all the bad blood Kim left behind, it isn't long before Marla's making serious waves. From affairs and blackmail plots to bitter rivalries and fraud, the case is a tangled mess that leaves Marla vulnerable to a killer who's on to her true identity and will stop at nothing to find a permanent solution to the problem....

This is #4 in A Bad Hair Day Mystery.

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