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Boy Clinton: The Political Biography

Boy Clinton: The Political Biography


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Description for BOY CLINTON: THE POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY by R Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.:

Tyrrell traces the formative influence on the young, fatherless Clinton of the hustlers and rogues who populated his boyhood hometown of Hot Springs (not Hope), Arkansas. Tyrrell shows how the influence-peddlers who dominated Arkansas politics served as Clinton's real political mentors and role models. And he explains how these factors combined with Clinton's '60s-era radicalism to create a new, more dangerous type of career politician.

Tyrrell reports dozens of fresh revelations about both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and sheds important new light on their activities in Arkansas and Washington. He presents strong evidence, for instance, that Clinton knowingly benefited from the profits of a cocaine-smuggling ring operating out of an Arkansas airport. He also delves into the "peculiar pattern" of deaths of people connected to the Clintons during their rise to power - a serious matter that has been too quickly dismissed with accusations of conspiracy-mongering.

Tyrrell also points out many previously unobserved connections in the mounting pile of evidence against the Clintons, and nails down countless contradictions and inconsistencies in their public statements about it. And he draws together the overwhelming evidence - enough to convict any lesser citizen - that the Clintons are guilty of tax fraud, obstruction of justice, and lying to government agencies.

Tyrrell's portrait of Clinton is far from flattering, but, sadly, it is true to life. Concerned citizens who want to know what kind of man their president really is - and what made him that way - will find it a revelation.

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