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Bride Of Lochbarr

Bride Of Lochbarr


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Description for BRIDE OF LOCHBARR by Margaret Moore:

Lady Marianne scarce dreamed it possible her life could get any worse! That was before she found herself transplanted to the wild highlands of Scotland -- land of savage barbarians -- and the promised bride of a doddering old Scot. But when a boldly handsome warrior arrived at her door, she knew her prayers had been answered....

Adair MacTaren had come in friendship, but one look at the comely lass standing before him addled the young man's mind beyond repair. The tempting Norman lady lured him like a siren -- yet he had no wish to be rescued. And 'twas no time before the brash chieftain's son had sworn to free Marianne from her loveless betrothal -- and claim her for his own ladywife!

This is #1 in Brothers-In-Arms Series.

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