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Bride Of The Mist

Bride Of The Mist


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Description for BRIDE OF THE MIST by Christina Skye:

AT ROSE-COVERED DRAYCOTT ABBEY... In a savage age of chivalry, a war-weary knight defends a mysterious lady from danger and swears himself her champion -- for all time...

Centuries later, a startling psychic vision draws a gifted bridal writer to a rugged castle veiled in Highland mist - and to its enigmatic laird, Duncan MacKinnon. From the moment they meet, Kara Fitzgerald can sense they share an ancient, secret destiny...

ON A STORMY SCOTTISH SHORE... They are swept up in breathtaking passion - even as a ghostly guardian warns of coming danger. For a callous enemy stalks the crags of Dunraver Castle - a timeless menace the cynical Scotsman and beautiful American must confront together...armed only with the power of their eternal love.

This is #5 in Draycott Abbey series.

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