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Broken Honor

Broken Honor


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Description for BROKEN HONOR by Patricia Potter:

Long ago, in the waning years or Word War II, a Nazi train was captured by the Allies. Its cargo--a for in stolen art and gold dust--vanished. Now, two strangers are about to become engulfed in its tantalizing mystery...

Raised in a military family, Amy Mallory grew to resent authoritarian control and vowed never to fall for a man in uniform. But what she discovers in her late grandfather's private files exposes her to a dangerous--and tempting--world she never imagined ...

Colonel Lucien Flaherty has devoted his life to duty, country, and family. But all that he believes is shattered when his ancestors' honor is tainted by scandal--and by secrets that link his past to that of a beautiful stranger. Invaluable secrets that someone would kill to keep buried... secrets that bring Amy and Lucien together in unexpected passion and inescapable peril.

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