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Bubbles In Trouble

Bubbles In Trouble


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Description for BUBBLES IN TROUBLE by Sarah Strohmeyer:

It should have been a great wedding. Unfortunately the bride-to-be disappeared and her uncle got his skull bashed in. But Bubbles Yablonsky, Lehigh's stiletto-healed, hairdressing sleuth knows how to turn bad news into another chance at her big break as a newspaper reporter. Clues to the murder and the runaway bride's whereabouts lie between Intercourse and Paradise--in the bucolic town of Whoopee, Pennsylvania. Amish country. For Bubbles, going undercover means no tube-tops, no blow dryer, and worst of all, no make-up. Now it looks like the girls at Sandy's House of Beauty will have to wait. Apart from wriggling into a black apron, cruising the annual Pickle Fest, and teaching the locals about cuticle softeners, Bubbles has a crime to solve.

This is #2 in Bubbles Yablonsky series.

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