Building Amanda's Future

Building Amanda's Future


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Description for BUILDING AMANDA'S FUTURE by Mildred Colven:

When Amanda Wilson returned to her hometown, she never dreamed her past and future would collide in the aftermath of a devastating tornado. She volunteers to help with cleanup and is assigned to the farm now owned by the man who broke her heart years ago. She's forgiven Chad, but as she learns more about the night she caught him with her college roommate, the hurt feels fresh.

Chad Randall returns to his hometown after his sister and her husband's tragic deaths. With Amanda's help, he spends the summer rebuilding and getting acquainted with his orphaned baby niece. He wants to explain to Amanda about the lies and deceptions that tore them apart. Hew wants Amanda's forgiveness, but mostly he wants her love.

Even if Amanda forgives Chad, will he ever understand he needs to as God's forgiveness too?

Heartsong Presents #961, 2011.

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