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Buried Diamonds

Buried Diamonds


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Description for BURIED DIAMONDS by April Henry:

When former vanity license plate inspector Claire Montrose finds a valuable diamond ring embedded in an old stone wall, she's uncovered more than lost jewelry -- she's just unwittingly exposed a fifty-year-old murder.

Claire's octogenarian housemate, Charlie, recognizes the ring with shock. It belonged to Elizabeth Ellsworth, a woman who broke off her engagement fifty years earlier, then killed herself. All the "old gang" believed Elizabeth had returned the ring, so how did it get buried inside a stone wall?

As half-century-old questions resurface about the incident, Claire discovers more about the terrible secrets Elizabeth kept -- and why someone wanted her dead. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more Claire realizes that someone believes old crimes must stay all cost.

This is #4 in A Claire Montrose Mystery.

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