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Buttons & Foes

Buttons & Foes


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Description for BUTTONS & FOES by Dolores Johnson:

Tailored To Murder... Denver dry cleaner Mandy Dyer is shocked to learn that customer and dear friend Thelma Chadwick has died, victim of a tragic fall down the basement steps. The woman also left Mandy something - two trash bags packed with worthless old clothing. Full of questions, especially surrounding octogenarian Thelma's 'fall' down steps she never used, Mandy notices some antique buttons sewn onto the dresses and suspects Thelma was trying to send her a message. Were those unusual buttons worth a small fortune? Had Thelma purposely put them on musty old garments nobody would look at twice? Convinced the button mystery is linked to her friend's sudden demise, Mandy starts nosing around the local button-collecting clubs . . .and stumbles onto anther murder. And while removing bloodstains may be a cinch for an expert dry cleaner, Mandy hopes she won't have to try her luck against a cold-blooded killer.

This is #6 in A Mandy Dyer Mystery.

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