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Buy Back The Dawn

Buy Back The Dawn


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Description for BUY BACK THE DAWN by Nicholas Garland:

Jeffrey Winter, an attractive New York Lawyer moving comfortably through corridors of money and power, is about to marry a woman he deeply loves. One afternoon a startlingly beautiful stranger visits his office and gives her name as Toni Menard. She is nineteen, a high-fashion model who has been photographed by Avedon and pushed toward fame by Scavullo. Every sensual message a woman can convey is in her face and body. She has come to Jeff to reawaken memories of his first great love.

Sixteen years before, in Paris. Jeffrey Winter had fallen in love with Johanna Thornton. He was very young. She was married. Jeff and Johanna were irresistibly drawn together, into an affair. Johanna's husband, Conrad Thornton, a man whose uncontrolled wrath was as threatening as his underworld connections, caused Jeff to flee. Toni is Johanna and Conrad's daughter. When she tells Jeff that Johanna is dad, he becomes obsessed with the idea that Conrad has killed her.

As the door to an ever-darkening labyrinth swings open for Jeff, the story moves from the past to the present across two continents---from the Paris studio where Johanna tried to express her sexual turmoil on canvas, to Conrad's cabarets of cheap dreams and expensive glitter, to Toni's world of chic high rollers. BUY BACK THE DAWN is a compelling study of the emotions that are unleashed when romance turns sinister and love is used as the ultimate act of revenge.

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