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Callaghan's Bride

Callaghan's Bride


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Description for CALLAGHAN'S BRIDE by Diana Palmer:

THE BIGGER THEY COME... Rugged as an oak, moody as a thundercloud, rancher Callaghan Hart awed women and intimidated men. So how could one scrappy little redhead nearly bring Callaghan to his knees?

THE HARDER THEY FALL... Easy! Tess Brady, the ranch's new housekeeper, was soft as a kitten. Dewy as springtime. And secretly sweet on big, bad Callaghan. Which drove the hardened loner mad. For Tess's youthful innocence drew him like forbidden fruit. He wanted to touch her. Taste her. Make her his... But no way would Callaghan bed a starry-eyed virgin whose dreams he could never fulfill. No way would he get trapped into marriage. No matter how tempting the bait....

This is #19 in Long Tall Texans Series.

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