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Calypso Magic

Calypso Magic

Author: Catherine Coulter

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 412

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Description for CALYPSO MAGIC by Catherine Coulter:

His hungry lips met hers and the sensation built like raging fire...
She wanted more... She wanted...

Diana Savarol vowed to stay away from her cousin, the rakish and hot-tempered Lyonel Ashton, during her visit to London -- for she knew that Lyonel, the sixth Earl of Saint Leven, was a rogue who used women as playthings, and she would not be one of them.

But she was homesick for the West Indies and with only Lyonel to escort her on the perilous journey home, Diana's destiny became one with his as they braved the war-torn seas on a journey that would take them from glittering London to the tropical shores of Calypso Island. And, as the fires of battle raged around them, they found a love that burned more fiercely than any other. Diana surrendered to a passion within her that she could no longer deny...

This is #2 in Magic Trilogy.

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