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Cat On The Edge

Cat On The Edge


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Description for CAT ON THE EDGE by Shirley Rousseau Murphy:

"It's me, your cat."

"I had to split. I witnessed a crime and someone is following me. Trust me. When I get this sorted out, I'll be home. I am still your cat, and I guess I miss you..."

Joe Gray jumped down to the floor without hanging up the phone. He was trapped in an unfolding nightmare. First he found he could understand human speech (who would have guessed they had so little to say?). Then he found he could talk (useful for scaring dogs) and even read.

He got worried when he found himself feeling human emotions like guilt and sympathy. He even caught himself planning his day!

All that, Joe Gray could have handled. If only he hadn't found himself in the alley behind Jolly's Deli the night Beckwhite was murdered...

This is #1 in A Joe Grey Mystery.

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