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Catering To Nobody

Catering To Nobody


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Description for CATERING TO NOBODY by Diane Mott Davidson:

Catering the wake of her son's favorite teacher is not Goldy's' idea of fun. Particularly when her former father-in-law passes out, nearly felled by a dose of rat poison.

Investigating officer Tom Schulz, though smitten with Goldy and her food, is forced to shut down her business. That's the last straw. Goldy can't cater without a kitchen, so she'll just have to find the rat who poisoned the coffee. Everyone--from Goldy's ex-husband's other ex-wife to her eleven-year-old son Arch--seems to know more than Goldy does. But as she begins following the recipe to its logical conclusion, Goldy discovers that some very unsavory ingredients are flavoring the neighborhood and poisoning her own family with the bitter taste of deceit and revenge.

This is #2 in A Culinary Mystery series

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