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Character And Destiny

Character And Destiny


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Description for CHARACTER & DESTINY: A NATION IN SEARCH FOR ITS SOUL by D James Kennedy with Jim Nelson Black:

America faces a crisis of moral authority. In this penetrating, informative book, Dr. D. James Kennedy takes readers to the core of today's cultural erosion. The United States' rich heritage of Christian liberty is now being corrupted by those who are trying to rewrite or reinterpret history. Even our traditional values are being undermined by our educational system. More than ever, we need to assert the truth - the truth of the existence of sin and of the absolute nature of morality. As Christians, we have the hope and promise of ultimate victory, but it is not enough to merely hope for better things. We have been a "silent majority" for too long - it is time to become committed. It takes everyone. As Dr. Kennedy says, "Somehow, somewhere, we must all be involved." Character - the "sense that things have eternal consequences" - is a foundational principle in the Christian life. Character & Destiny challenges all Christians with the paramount question, "Do we have the resolve to make character once more a priority in our lives?"

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