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Charmed, I'm Sure

Charmed, I'm Sure


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Description for CHARMED, I'M SURE by Liz Ireland:


Callie Hauseman may be descended from a long line of somewhat ditzy witches, but the family magic certainly isn't working for her. Why else would she the scattered-brain beauty be stuck in a dead-end job, socking away money to finish that college degree? Callie isn't serious when she spits out a curse her Aunt Agnes used to say, but in an instant, she has changed her cranky tyrant of a boss into an adorable golden retriever puppy! Now, panicked and desperate, Callie's got to find someone to help her reverse the curse...before his handsome nephew starts sniffing around...


As a CPA, David Teller likes everything about his life buttoned up, just like his Uncle Sy. So why hasn't the old man RSVP'd to David's wedding invitation? Determined to get an answer (and appease his demanding fiance), he marches into Sy's office only to find his wacky secretary, babbling about accidentally turning his uncle into a dog. Before he can say, the cute ones are always crazy, David is following Callie, determined to uncover her secret. But the more time he spends with her, the more he's sure she's telling the truth...because for the first time ever, he's feeling utterly bewitched...

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