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Child Of The Northern Spring

Child Of The Northern Spring

Author: Persia Woolley

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 468

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Description for CHILD OF THE NORTHERN SPRING by Persia Woolley:

In an age alive with portents and magic, a spirited young beauty rode out of the rugged Celtic lands to wed the great warrior king, Arthur. Now, at last, Guinevere herself unfolds the legend.

Born a princess, raised to be a queen, Guinevere traveled the length of England protected by the wise enchanter Merlin. As Britain struggled out of a long darkness, scattered armies raised the cry for war and old gods challenged the new in combats mortal and immortal. And Guinevere encountered her destiny in the fabled dreams of her king. She would reign as High Queen of all Britain, but her most perilous adventure was yet to come...the journey from royal innocent to passionate lover.

This is #1 in The Round Table Series.

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