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Chopper Ops 3: Shuttle Down

Chopper Ops 3: Shuttle Down


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Description for CHOPPER OPS 3: SHUTTLE DOWN by Mack Maloney:

Welcome to No-Man's-Land...

Under strict secrecy, the Pentagon launches a shuttle intended to capture a classified space camera and bring it back to Earth. But the shuttle disappears upon reentry. When satellite reconnaissance spots the craft in western China, the U.S. government wants it recovered immediately. They provide Chopper Ops with the ultimate in high-tech copters equipped to retrieve the shuttle--or destroy it before another country can get ahold of its top secret cargo.

But the trip to China is only the start of something far more complicated--and dangerous. The final stage of their mission will take the team to the Bershewr region of Pakistan, a place so barren and isolated it makes the moon look like an oasis. And as national security hangs in the balance, they'll have to finish the job--before it finishes them..

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